Wine Job Posting Sites

Ever wonder where to get that awesome job in the wine industry?  Well, in case you are looking here’s what I found.

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Wine Buzzkill: Toxic Wine Kills 10

The Straits Times reports on an unfortunate story from Bangladesh.  More than 10 farmers have died after purchasing the wine equivalent of moonshine. As the purchasers of the illegal booze discovered, the brew made from rice turned out to be deadly.  As the Straits notes, the sale or consumption of liquor outside of government approved establishments is illegal. So this in part explains why those affected didn’t immediately seek medical attention.

Reflecting on an earlier post on wacky US wine laws, this horrible incident puts a lot of our silly laws in perspective. And serves as a good reminder on why winemaking is done by professionals.

Wine Job: Social Media Manager

For those on the job market, a great opening from Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates managing their social media. I’ve included the full listing below, originally posted on 8/13/10.  You can apply here.

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Debate: Natural or Plastic Corks?

By now, you’ve seen the plastic or synthetic corks used on some wines instead of the natural cork from cork trees. They’re seeing an explosion of use in affordable imports from new wine regions (Spain, New Zealand), not to mention for domestic (e.g. US) white wines. What is their purpose? What are the tradeoffs?
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The Short List: San Francisco Wine Bars

Why do wine bars rock? It’s simple: not everyone can live in Napa. Wine bars bring the vineyard to you. Add in a varied selection of wineries from potentially all over the world, and you city dwellers can imbibe the right way.

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Part II: (More) Mobile Wine Apps

My last post on mobile wine apps proved to be quite popular, launching me to the homepage of’s Freshly Pressed blogs. Yay, me!  Although I original only addressed iPhone and Android platforms, I wanted to take a more thorough look at the oft-forgotten, less-sexy mobile platforms: Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm.
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Mobile Wine Apps

8/10 Updated – More apps based upon your suggestions! Look forward to a future post including more reviews of other platforms (Blackberry, WinMo, etc.)

It should be no surprise by now that I work in technology. As such, I’ve got a special relationship with my smartphone. So it’s only logical that I try to integrate wine into my mobile life. As Apple has made me come to expect, there’s an app for that, too.
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