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One Glass a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Dr. Vino reports
on perhaps the best invention to find it’s way into a SkyMall-type magazine. It’s no ordinary wine glass. Why? It holds an entire bottle of wine.
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Biodynamic: The Rolls Royce of Organic Farming?

If you’ve got an eye to eco-conscious wines, you’ve probably heard of biodynamic wines. But what does it actually mean? My title comes from a description of a wine farmer as quoted in a fascinating 2008 article by SF Weekly exploring the booming trend.

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200-Year Old Champagne Discovered

Vintage is so in.

As ABC reports, Baltic Sea divers just discovered approximately 30 bottles of champagne in a wreck off the Aland Islands northwest of Stockholm. The bottles found 200 feet underwater are from 1780, making it the oldest drinkable champagne.
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An Ode to K&L Wine

As an aspiring wine lover, one of the toughest parts besides the wine hangover is discovery. How do you find good wine?

Walk into an average grocery or alcohol store and you’re met with an overwhelming wall of hundreds of different bottles. How to pick? Most consumers are left to buy what’s pretty looking or priced right.
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Wacky Wine Laws

I’ll admit: I’m a technology optimist. I’d like to believe we humans are getting better at this whole society thing as the years go on (although environmentalists might disagree). But when it comes to the wine industry, it’s tough to be glass half-full. Despite a few refreshing examples to the contrary, wine sales have been hampered by bureaucratic politics, beer/hard alcohol lobbyists, and backwards thinking. US online wine sales in the US are Byzantine at best and impossible at worst.

Take the wonderful state of Pennsylvania. Their liquor review board recently announced that you can purchase wine at kiosks in select grocery stores. Hooray!
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Never Forget That Delicious Wine Again

I can’t tell you how many friends admit to buying a wine because of the good-lookin’ labels or unique bottle design. 

Judgment aside, you can’t deny the fact that packaging is very important in wine. Few casual drinkers subscribe to Wine Spectator or spend time researching ratings online before they head to the grocery store. Label, price and previous experience are the remaining decision factors that hold the most weight.

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Wine by the Glass? I’ll Have One To-Go, Please.

Le Froglet Plastic Wine Glass

British entrepreneur James Nash had a simple idea.  He wanted to sell French wine in a single-serving plastic glass with a yogurt-like lid.  Sounds like a great idea for the casual wine drinker, but what would the wine establishment have to say about it? Considering the hubub created by screw-on caps vs. corks, I think we know the answer. Continue reading