Wine by the Glass? I’ll Have One To-Go, Please.

Le Froglet Plastic Wine Glass

British entrepreneur James Nash had a simple idea.  He wanted to sell French wine in a single-serving plastic glass with a yogurt-like lid.  Sounds like a great idea for the casual wine drinker, but what would the wine establishment have to say about it? Considering the hubub created by screw-on caps vs. corks, I think we know the answer.

He recently presented the idea to a business reality show in the UK called “Dragons’ Den” only to be laughed at and told it was a horrible idea.

Well, it’s a good thing he was persistent.  As The Daily Mail reported two weeks ago, the single-serve glasses have been a wild success.  He’s since sold the idea to British retailer Marks & Spencer that now “struggles to keep up with demand.”

The wine’s called Le Froglet  and comes in Shiraz, Rose, or Chardonnay. The 187ml glasses cost £2.25 or about $3.  It’s UK-only for now, but keep your eyes peeled for a US arrival later this year. Next time you’re thinking about whether you can drink that full bottle, this personal-sized alternative has your name on it.

[Photo credit: Daily Mail UK]


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