Wine Blending is For Lovers

A couple weeks ago, my company fled the San Francisco summer fog to Napa for a day-trip offsite. My favorite part was a morning spent at Judd’s Hill Winery Blending Camp.

Blending Camp, you ask, what’s that? Inspired by the DIY wine creation made famous by Crushpad, you’re provided several mixing varietals to create a Cab blend of your choice. In our case, we split up into 3 teams and got to begin wine science.

It was amazing to see how a 5% change of varietal profoundly changes the final wine. Once Judd, the winery’s namesake, picked his best wine of our submissions, we bottled and labeled the wine. In short, the whole experience was a blast.

For group events, company bonding or even a different way to experience Napa on your own, I’d highly recommend checking out Judd’s Hill or a similar winery blending program. Wine, personalized.

[Image Credit: Judd’s Hill]


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