Part II: (More) Mobile Wine Apps

My last post on mobile wine apps proved to be quite popular, launching me to the homepage of’s Freshly Pressed blogs. Yay, me!  Although I original only addressed iPhone and Android platforms, I wanted to take a more thorough look at the oft-forgotten, less-sexy mobile platforms: Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm.

Note: I found the general quality of apps in Blackberry AppWorld pretty subpar in regard to wine. There are some mediocre paid apps and a few good free gems which I’ve highlighted below.
Nat Decants. For an app not associated with a popular wine magazine or winery, she’s got impressive mobile platform support. Go Nat! As I noted in my earlier review, it also supports iOS and soon to support Android. Free.
PocketGrapes. A database of 70,000+wines with over 40,000 searchable by barcode, a free pricetag and favorable reviews from BB users makes this easily worth recommending. Free.

Windows Mobile
With the abject failure of the Kin, and the purported forthcoming fail of Windows 7 phone, it’s safe to say that Microsoft’s mobile strategy is a mess. But let’s pause that common thinking for a moment and give them a fresh chance. Unfortunately, I was quickly stymied by ole Redmond in my research. A simple search on the Windows Mobile web storefront reveals 4 results. All apps are paid, have no to bad reviews and look only tangentially relevant. So, unless I’m totally looking in the wrong spot, I cannot recommend any WinMo apps at the moment.

Although the future of WebOS post-HP acquisition is uncertain, the Palm Pre and Pre Plus did manage to attract a small but passionate group of users/developers and the platform is worth addressing. Sadly, it looks like the Palm Software Store is on its last legs as evidenced by this page URL (see ‘EOL’) and link to, an independent cross-platform site of mobile apps. Ok, that sucks. Moving on to PocketGear, I selected the popular Palm Pre in order to determine which apps are compatible. Strangely, of the 21 results for a search of ‘wine’ all have the warning message, “Emulator-Software required!”. Alright, I’m throwing in the towel at this point as this is just starting to look sketchy. Some of the results have nothing to do with wine. A few are free, some are ridiculously expensive ($20+). Most only have a few hundreds to thousand downloads, which doesn’t inspire confidence for a casual user. I think it’s safe to say that the WebOS development ecosystem is dead. And PocketGear desperately needs to improve their internal site search.

[Image Credit: Wired]


One response to “Part II: (More) Mobile Wine Apps

  1. Wonderful, thanks for this Joe! The Nat Decants app is also available on iPhone and iPod Touch through iTunes.

    It’s free 🙂


    Nat Decants Wine Reviews, Pairings, Recipes App

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