The Short List: San Francisco Wine Bars

Why do wine bars rock? It’s simple: not everyone can live in Napa. Wine bars bring the vineyard to you. Add in a varied selection of wineries from potentially all over the world, and you city dwellers can imbibe the right way.

Living in San Francisco, there are probably too many choices of good places to go out and drink a glass of wine.  But, in the essence of collating my favorites, here a couple that are worth checking out next time you’re in the foggy city by the bay.

The Hidden Vine. As the name suggests, it’s a bit hard to find, nestled underneath a hotel lobby.  But given the location near Union Square this smartly keeps out all but the most determined drinkers. Ambiance is intimate and very date-worthy. The crowd is a great mix of locals and wine lovers. Tasty flights and knowledgeable staff.

Press Club. Not your typical wine bar, Press Club is a unique beast. Sourcing wines from half a dozen local wineries it feels more like a mashup of a Napa tasting room in a sleek, underground space.  You get the same counter experience you might find at an actual winery with talkative, friendly servers. Once you get a few too many pours in, you can sit down in some of the plush lounge chairs and order some appetizers. Great for hosting events, too.

The very chic Press Club

Fat Angel. Recently opened near the Fillmore Center, this unassuming spot strips away the pretension and delivers. Tasty, affordable wines and food. Don’t go to this spot to expect romantic ambiance, but for a neighborhood wine bar + restaurant, it is well deserving of praise.


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