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Never Forget That Delicious Wine Again

I can’t tell you how many friends admit to buying a wine because of the good-lookin’ labels or unique bottle design. 

Judgment aside, you can’t deny the fact that packaging is very important in wine. Few casual drinkers subscribe to Wine Spectator or spend time researching ratings online before they head to the grocery store. Label, price and previous experience are the remaining decision factors that hold the most weight.

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Wine by the Glass? I’ll Have One To-Go, Please.

Le Froglet Plastic Wine Glass

British entrepreneur James Nash had a simple idea.  He wanted to sell French wine in a single-serving plastic glass with a yogurt-like lid.  Sounds like a great idea for the casual wine drinker, but what would the wine establishment have to say about it? Considering the hubub created by screw-on caps vs. corks, I think we know the answer. Continue reading